Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a supportive community for providers to learn about and hone their skills around "responsive" feeding and therapies. Too many children and families who struggle with eating aren't able to access help or are referred to therapies that increase conflict and even worsen feeding challenges. In addition, with the newer ARFID diagnostic code, many children who "fail" therapies or didn't "grow out of it" are treated by eating disorder professionals who feel unprepared to work with children or adolescents who have struggled, often since early childhood. With this workshop, we hope to bring together professionals to assess and treat feeding and eating challenges across the lifespan. 

Responsive Feeding therapy...

...facilitates (re)discovery of internal cues, curiosity and strengths, while building skills (mastery)
...is flexible
...takes place within trusting relationships
... respects the child's autonomy and strengthens relationships
and so much more.

Jenny Hyatt McGlothling MS, CCC-SLP


Katja Rowell MD


Grace Wong MSc, RD, CEDRD-S